Wishes and commitments

Translated text from « Vœux et engagements inclusifs ».

The Editorial staff of On fonce dans le mur has the great honour and privilege to wish you all the best for the year 2021. Since these wishes cost trois fois rien in greenhouse gas emissions, it addresses them not only to its fans and regular readers, but also, in a movement of incredible generosity, to those passing through, and even, tenez-vous bien, to the whole Earth !1

And that’s not all ! Having become aware of the considerable risks to the climate caused by its radical pessimism, it has decided to do everything to reduce it by 5% per year in order to achieve intellectual neutrality in 2040. Such as we are right to say that we must never say never, the worst, sorry, the best can always happen.

Finally, to thank you for your precious loyalty, the Editorial staff offers you an incredible gift : the statistics of your favourite blog for the year 2020 ! The total number of views amounts to nearly 25,000 including the home page. Visitors flock in from all over the world, which means that its analyzes are scrutinised à la loupe, and convey the prestige of France to the four cardinal points.

Kisses to all

Paris, 1st January 2021

1 Wishes valid until midnight on 31 January. Beyond this limit they will have no effect, and the risk will be great for you that the year 2021 will be worse than 2020.

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